Our Mission

ecoveryCareers Mission Statement

Our mission is to help those with SUD disease find and sustain a Work/Life balance in successful recovery.*

Our Reason for Being

ecoveryCareers purpose is to provide a direct online portal for those in “successful” drug or alcohol recovery to find meaningful employment in order to sustain their own Work/Life balance. In turn, provide willing businesses a direct online portal to pro-actively find and hire valuable employees who are in “successful” drug or alcohol recovery.

With our success, ecoveryCareers further aims to provide social programs and resources for many in successful substance abuse recovery in order to further an individual’s personal Work/Life balance and positive self-image and common worth.

Fact is, any company in the United States that employs ten, a hundred, a thousand employees or more, statistics show that nearly 10% of current employees are actively struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. What’s more, over half of all American adults have a personal family history of problem alcohol or drug addiction. Chances are, you know someone who is currently dealing with active substance abuse disease, are in active rehabilitation, or, have maintained sobriety for years, even decades, successfully. This disease never goes away, and is never cured (as of 2018). It’s a fact of life, and has been, throughout history.

While thousands who suffer from substance abuse disease are fortunate to achieve sobriety successfully through any number of programs available; 12-step programs, inpatient/outpatient rehab facilities and programs, ongoing psychological counseling and more, most of those programs “stop” at the point of achieving and maintaining sobriety through a given program itself. And little else.

That’s where ecoveryCareers comes in. Our primary goal is to empower employment of those in successful recovery and to help businesses, big and small, to grow and profit from using this valuable job pool.

ecoveryCareers is committed to successfully pairing employees in recovery with employers who are willing to help them achieve that “Work/Life Balance”. To that end, we ask employers and any individual to help us by offering any suggestions on how we can make using ecoveryCareers a better experience.

Thank you!

The ecoveryCareers Family

* ecoveryCareers defines “Successful Recovery” as simply, “One who has an incurable disease of drug and/or alcohol addiction and has successfully maintained uninterrupted, continued sobriety for 90-days or more with no events of relapse.”