So long to the stigma

Locals launch RetrofitCareers, an online job board for recovered addicts seeking employment

There’s an entire pool of job seekers most companies have yet to tap into. But they probably should. Studies show these individuals are more motivated and creative than the average worker. They express a higher level of gratitude to their employer, and are less likely to take sick days and be tardy. So why are companies not clambering to hire these people?

It’s because of the stigma attached to them. The stigma of being a recovered addict.

Thankfully, two men who have witnessed firsthand the post-rehab job hunt struggle are doing something about it. On Friday, Sept. 28, Dan Schmalen and Doug Kiker launched the Bensalem-based RetrofitCareers, an employment website very much like Monster or Indeed. The only difference? It’s explicitly for recovered addicts seeking work and the companies looking to hire them.

Both Schmalen and Kiker spent their fair share of time in rehab facilities over the years, and though they were lucky to be employed after successful recoveries, Schmalen said they’re the exception rather than the rule. Too often, those straight out of rehab are left wondering, what’s next?

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