Joseph’s Story

I have been in business now for 12+ years, and have used several different employment agencies. While these agencies have been helpful, they do not offer the hope for a better future for those that seek employment during sobriety treatment.

Retrofit careers is doing just that with everything from training for interviews to establishing accountability. Retrofit is an amazing opportunity for those who seek sobriety and employment. We are excited to use Retrofit for our new employees.

Having been sober myself for 22 years, I know the daily struggles. One thing I clearly remember from those early sobriety meetings is that I was told if I stayed sober, amazing things would happen. Here I am now, 12+ years as the President of J.A. Vasaturo Fireproofing & Insulation, which I would say, is pretty amazing. I would like to be a part of creating more opportunities for those seeking sobriety and employment.